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β€œTo provide high integrity investment casting with a total commitment to customer satisfaction. The key elements to making this happen are high quality, fair price, and dependable delivery.”


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1967 - With inception, we made our mark into industry for quality and trust. Mangal Group of Companies began its operations with a minimum task force and started manufacturing sand casting.

2003 - Mangal Iron Pvt. Ltd. began manufacturing investment castings with same legacy of Quality & Trust. It became a habbit to partner with our clients and solve their casting problems with innovative & cost-effective solutions.

We cast a large variety of alloys in our investment casting process, giving you a wide array of material options. Whether you require high or low volume production, large or small parts; Mangal Iron can save you time and money.

Our management team has excellent experience of more than 45 years in the casting industry - experience that will benefit you with higher quality parts and produced on time. We operate under a single tier management system, which allows us to provide you with lightning-quick response to your needs.

Our wide ranging knowledge of alloys and assembly components ensures our team of precision investment casting experts can quickly and easily assist you with selecting and utilizing the most efficient and economical methods for producing the components and parts you need. We cast components weighing from few grams upto 70Kgs single piece component, using ferrous alloys.

As we have mentioned earlier, We also deal with sand casting technology to manufacture the best casting products through high tech Induction Furnace as well as Cupola Furnace. There is a huge production capacity which can cast upto 30 - 500 Kgs of single piece component. Therefore we can able to fulfill any requirements of sand castings also.

Process Investment casting Sand casting Water clay sand casting
Metal All types of ferrous alloys Grey cast iron Grey cast iron
Wt range Few grams to 70 kgs. 30Kgs – 500kgs 30Kgs – 50kgs
Capacity 250 Mt per annum 1800Mt per annum 1000-1200 Mt per annum
1000-1200 Mt per annum Induction furnace 150 & 200kgs, 175kw Induction furnace 600kgs, 450kw Cupola furnace

Industries Served

Mangal Iron serves many markets, delivering castings that are used in a wide variety of applications. Here is the list of the industries we are serving :

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