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In 2002, Mangal Iron Pvt. Ltd. ventured into manufacturing investment casting with experience and exposure gained from itd sand casting manufacturing business. Within no time, we grew to be one of the India’s most reliable investment casting manufacturers.

Choose Our Investment Castings

Our investment castings stand out from the other competitors because of our focus and quality parameters that are set high to deliver the best products. Our investment castings are perfect because we have:

  • Dedicated investment casting foundry for specialized manufacturing
  • Consistent supply of raw material for uninterrupted deliveries
  • Accurate dimension of castings for perfect fit in your machines
  • Established checks to monitor quality for hassle-free completion
  • Focus on attention to details like finishing for unparalleled quality
  • Infrastructure for R&D of investment casting for competitive edge

Choose Us as the Manufacturer

Your need for investment casting India manufacturer should end at us because we have more than a decade of experience which gives an edge in terms of providing appropriate solutions, handling queries, and resolving challenges that arise during the course of manufacturing. We understand that investment casting is chosen because of its ability to produce complicated parts and that is why we offer solutions that would take care of precision and design of the part.

We do not involve in manufacturing alone but also in meaningful interaction that helps us understand your requirement and purpose of casting. We then offer comprehensive options in terms of which material would best suit your purpose and the price quotation for each corresponding option for you to choose from.

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