Lost Wax Investment Castings

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Lost wax casting is a method of casting metals and alloys and is popularly known as investment casting. Mangal Iron has been involved in the lost wax investment casting business for over two decades and has established itself as a renowned bulk manufacturer with a dedicated foundry and exception focus on quality and client requirement.

Our Raw Material
Each of our precision investment casting is made from raw material sourced from reliable and certified raw material suppliers who take care of the environmental factors while extracting the metals or creating alloys. We use high grade metals and alloys that contribute to the durability and strength of the casting.

Our Processing
Mangal Iron has a unique processing method that focuses on accuracy of the lost wax investment casting. Our team carefully creates the casting with precise measurements and finishes each casting to perfection. It is this commitment to perfection that has enabled us to acquire certifications from international organizations and also be able to adhere to the established principles at each stage of casting creation.

Our Dealings
We have a huge domestic and international customer base which can vouch for our services. We believe that businesses that are set-up on honesty and integrity as the core values always thrive. It is this belief that makes us honest in fulfilling commitments when it comes to delivering precision investment casting and also in all money-related matters. We aim to provide a great product with an even greater service.

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