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Flatness & Straightness

Flatness and straightness can be achived 0.03 to 0.05 TIR per linear inch.


Concentricity can be achieved not more than 0.005 times the difference between the diameters in inches.

Radii & Fillets

0.03” maximum corner Radius and 0.06” minimum fillet are recommended.

Wall Thickness

Minimum wall thickness is 2mm.

Angular Tolerance

Angular Tolerance of ±1° is normal.

Surface finish (As Cast)

125 RMS (Root mean square) Maximum

Machining Allowance

0.5 to 2.0mm wherever machining fitment is expected.

Letters / Logo / Numbers

Raised letters with minimum of 0.020” projection

Heat Treatment

Quench, Temper and normalizing facility


Shot Blasted / Grit Blasted / Powder coated / Electro plated / Oiled / Machined


Heat code / Batch code engraving on product to trace the entire process


Inches Milimeters
Up to 0.500” +/-0.007 Up to 15mm +/-0.20
Up to 1.000” +/-0.010 Up to 25mm +/-0.25
Up to 2.000” +/-0.013 Up to 55mm +/-0.35
Up to 3.000” +/-0.016 Up to 75mm +/-0.40
Up to 4.000” +/-0.019 Up to 100mm +/-0.50
Up to 5.000” +/-0.022 Up to 125mm +/-0.55
Up to 6.000” +/-0.025 Up to 150mm +/-0.65
Up to 7.000” +/-0.028 Up to 175mm +/-0.70
Up to 8.000” +/-0.031 Up to 200mm +/-0.80
Up to 9.000” +/-0.034 Up to 225mm +/-0.85
Up to 10.000” +/-0.037 Up to 250mm +/-0.95
Allow +/-0.003” for each
additional Inch
Allow +/-0.1mm for each
additional 25mm


  • 1. Stainless Steel
    • Austenitie
    • Martensitic
    • Ferritic
    • Duplex
    • Precipitation Hardning
  • 2. Carbon & Low Alloy steel
  • 3. Ferritic & Martensitic
  • 4. Nickel Based Alloy

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific alloy requirements.


MIPL works on system of tooling standards to ensure uniform high quality design and fabrication of wax injection dies which are guaranteed for the life of the part.

Type of toolings

Manual Prototype or low volume production work.
Automatic High volume, Parts that are too large or fragile for manual operation

Configurations that do not allow metal cores in tooling to be drawn due to undercuts or complicated internal shapes must be treated in one of the following ways:

Collapsible Cores Lowest piece price..
Loose Inserts Best for low Volume parts
Multi-Piece Wax Assemblies Best for certain configurations, with wide tolerance
Soluble Cores & Pre-formed Ceramic Cores Provides excellent flexibility during shell building process at a moderate additional cost..

Special Features: Configurations like small hole, Blind hole, under cuts, Serration, Groove, Slot, Gear Profile, Thread, Kurling can be achieved as cast, depending upon overall geometry, complexity and size of the components.

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